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Each story has a graphic made just for the story by me (or will as soon as I get them all made). Don't use any of them without asking (not that anyone would likely want them). Also, just so you know, even the stuff within the series' can generally be read as stand-alones for the most part. So if the first two stories sound dumb but you want to read the third one, it won't hurt anything. I've also added commentary about each story, in case you've just always wanted to know what I think about my own work.

Blood and Fire: Doyle and a new Slayer fight a growing attraction while saving the world from the reincarnation of Mordred. [PG-13;Doyle/other;AU]

Change of Heart: A Caroline in the City/Buffy crossover. Gotta read it to believe it. [PG;Spike/Dru, Richard/Caroline;AU]

Christmas Cheer: The Angel gang celebrates Christmas. [PG;Cordy/Gunn]

Comfort Food: Xander comforts me when Spike runs off with Drusilla again. Answer to Beatle Spike's challenge. [PG;Spike/me, Xander/me, Spike/Drusilla;AU]

Focus: Buffy visits Xander's grave on their wedding anniversary. [PG;Buffy/Xander]

God's Children: An angel tries to save Spike's soul. [PG-13;Spike/Drusilla]

I Love You: Buffy realizes her true feelings for Xander. Sequel to "Silver Moon." [PG;Buffy/Xander;AU]

Jailbreak: I attempt to spring Spike from his "prison" at Giles's house. [PG-13;Spike/me;AU]

New Topic: Buffy, Xander, and Willow have an interesting conversation. Response to BuffyChallengeFic challenge #1. [PG-13;Buffy/Riley, Xander/Anya]

No Angel: Spike offers Buffy comfort after the episode "Fool for Love." [PG;none]

Philosophy of Loss: When Angel returns from L.A., Xander fears he may lose Buffy. [PG-13;Buffy/Xander;AU]

Power of Two: Cordelia works to bring Doyle back from the beyond with a little help. [PG;Cordelia/Doyle]

Remembrance: Angel helps an amnesiac Drusilla find her past. Response to BuffyChallengeFic challenge #2. [R;Angel/Drusilla;AU]

Revenge of the Bobs: A fic about me and Xander and my blue talking lizards. Why I try not to drink Mountain Dew late at night anymore. [G;Xander/me;AU]

Silver Lining: Buffy receives a mysterious gift on Valentine's Day. Response to BuffyChallengeFic challenge #5. [G;Buffy/Riley,Buffy/?]

Silver Moon: Buffy is comforted by Xander when Angel leaves for L.A. [G;none]

Starless Night: Xander and Cordelia meet up after twenty years. [PG;none]

Surprise Endings: Buffy visits Xander after twenty years apart. [PG;Buffy/Xander, Xander/other;AU]

Taste Death: Riley gives up. Alternate season 4. Quite angsty. [R;Riley/Buffy;AU]

Temptation Waits: A Buffy/Vampire Hunter D crossover. Dracula returns to Sunnydale, and Buffy gets a new ally to fight him. [PG-13;Buffy/D]

Turn of Events (in progress): When marital problems and personal grief become too much, Cordelia walks out on Doyle. [PG-13;Cordelia/Doyle;AU]

Who Knew?: Doyle receives a surprising phone call. [PG;Cordelia/Doyle;AU]

Buffy & Spike: Friends and Enemies

Truce: Buffy and Spike get caught together in a rainstorm. [PG;none]

All Too Well: Spike's thoughts about a certain Slayer. [PG-13;none]

A Night in the Life: Spike and Buffy go patrolling. [PG;Buffy/Xander;AU]

Buffy & Spike: Something More

Christmas in Sunnyhell: The gang (plus Spike) decorates Giles's house. Response to Nightbird's challenge. [PG-13;Anya/Xander, Buffy/Spike]

The Whole Shebang: Spike writes Buffy a letter revealing his true feelings. [PG-13;Spike/Buffy, Buffy/Riley]

Sleep Together: Spike and Buffy get it on. My only smut piece. You'll see why. [NC-17;Spike/Buffy]


Satin and Skin: Buffy is ready to give Xander everything he ever dreamed of... [Buffy/Xander, Buffy/Riley, Anya/Xander]

The Princess and the Pauper: Sir Xander saves Princess Buffy's kingdom in return for her hand in marriage. [PG;Buffy/Xander]

Death of Innocence

Slow Chains: An alternate ending to "Lover's Walk." Spike makes Willow a vampire. [PG-13;none]

Falling Star: Spike and Willow adjust to their new roles. [PG-13;none]

Old Love, New Love

Mistakes: The story of Spike's past. [PG-13;Spike/other, Spike/Dru]

Out of the Ashes: Spike finds love in the form of the newest Slayerette. [PG-13;Spike/other]

Blast from the Past: Spike's past comes back to haunt him and threatens to destroy his future and that of the Scoobies. [R;Spike/other, Buffy/Xander]

The Return

Blue Christmas: Cordelia ponders the loss of Doyle on Christmas Eve. [PG;none]

Opportunity Knocks: A strange old woman offers Cordelia the key to getting Doyle back. [PG;none]

Paid in Full: Cordelia gets her wish. [PG;Cordelia/Doyle]

What the Hell

Beer Not So Bad: When Xander and Spike get drunk together, interesting things happen. [PG;Spike/Xander]

Dating the Devil: Xander makes Spike take him out. [PG;Spike/Xander]

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